What skills do great recruiters and hiring managers need to have?

  • HRGP
  • 09 September 2019
Hire and Retain Good People

Given the ever-increasing war for talent, the demand for skilled recruiting has never been greater. But what does it take to be a successful recruiter or hiring manager? Here are some of the skills and attributes shared by top performers.


Given the intense competition in the war for talent, recruiters must be salespeople, highly skilled at uncovering what is most important to Job Seekers and then matching those needs with the advantages of their organizations.


Understanding people is at the core of good recruiting. What people say. How people say. When people say. All of these provide clues to the unspoken, and/or the reinforcement of the spoken. Building trust is much easier when people feel understood, and perceptiveness is crucial to that.


Building relationships with candidates and all stakeholders begins with building confidence, and that means doing what you say when you say, and doing that depends on being organized so your emails, calls, and tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Hire and Retain Good People
Good Writing

Written communication is critical to building professionalism and credibility with candidates and internal and external customers. From job postings to text messages and emails, good spelling and grammar are a recruiter’s stock in trade.

Hire and Retain Good People

Nobody wants to be around a crab. Because recruiting is all about building relationships, having a pleasant disposition, and especially having a good sense of humor is essential to breaking the ice and keeping the conversation going through those awkward moments.


Recruiting jobs by definition have clear start and finish points, with the mission being to fill the position as soon as possible with the best possible candidate. Great recruiters have an undeniable sense of urgency and an unrelenting drive to get things done and achieve their goals.


Social media skills are essential for recruiting success - knowing how to effectively use LinkedIn, Facebook, and others can help to unearth those passive candidates. Likewise staying on top of innovative recruiting technologies can improve efficiency by reducing time spent on mundane tasks.

Hire and Retain Good People

Rejection, and failure are part and parcel of recruiting, meaning successful recruiters have to be strong and confident, and able to bounce back quickly when plans do unfold as expected. Because recruiters are hyper-competitive, they always have a burning desire to do better, and to win.


The most successful recruiters and hiring managers are above all winners who rely on innovative technologies like the HRGP Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to compete in and win the war for talent.

Hire and Retain Good People