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Easy Job Postings

Whether you are a micro business owner directly handling your own hiring or a small business owner indirectly involved with hiring through your managers, automated job distribution through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a game-changer. It simplifies advertising your job openings on various platforms, meaning you can reach more potential candidates without spending hours manually posting on different job boards, social media, and career websites.

With just a few clicks, your job listings are automatically sent to a network of integrated job boards. This saves you a lot of time and ensures your openings get the wide visibility they deserve. You don’t have to worry about juggling multiple postings; the ATS lets you focus on reviewing applicants and choosing the best fit for your business.

This system isn't just about saving time. It also helps you target the right audience. You can tap into specialized job boards and platforms that cater specifically to the skills or industry you’re hiring for. This means your job postings are more likely to be seen by qualified candidates who match your business needs and culture well.

Another benefit is the ability to track how your job postings are performing. The ATS provides analytics and reporting tools to determine which platforms bring in the best candidates. This invaluable insight allows you to refine your hiring strategies and invest in the most effective recruitment channels.

In short, as a micro or small business owner, automated job distribution via an ATS makes your life easier and enhances the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts. You can attract better candidates, save time, and make smarter, data-driven decisions to find the perfect additions to your team.

Hire and Retain Good People
Guided Hiring Hire Right, More Often

Guided Hiring is a step-by-step hiring process, particularly important for micro and small businesses for several reasons:

Resource Optimization: Micro and small businesses have less time, money, and personnel. A structured hiring process focuses valuable resources on identifying the best candidates.

Finding the Right Fit: Every employee is crucial to micro and small companies. A structured hiring process assesses skills, cultural fit, and alignment with business goals.

Reducing Turnover: Employee turnover is costly, especially in smaller businesses. A structured hiring process helps find candidates who are more likely to be happy in their roles.

Legal Compliance: Micro and small businesses can reduce their legal risk when hiring by adhering to a structured hiring process that keeps the focus on job-related topics.

Enhancing Employer Brand: A structured hiring process can improve a company's reputation as an employer. This is especially important for micro and small businesses that may not be well-known, as a positive candidate experience can attract more high-quality candidates and build the business’s brand.

Long-Term Strategic Alignment: For small and micro businesses, every hire should align with their long-term strategic goals. A structured hiring process allows for a deeper evaluation of how each candidate can contribute to and grow with the business over time.

Efficient Training and Onboarding: A structured hiring process should include planning for the successful onboarding and training of new hires. This ensures that new employees can become productive more quickly, which is particularly important in a small business environment where every team member's contribution is vital.

HRGP includes everything you need to build the perfect hiring process -- forms, tests, video calls, chatbot screening, personality profiles, interviews, and background checks.

In summary, a structured hiring process enables micro and small businesses to make more informed, strategic hiring decisions, which is crucial for their growth and sustainability.

Pre-employmentAI Personality Profiles

Our AI-generated personality profiles utilize advanced algorithms and machine-learning techniques to analyze and interpret applicant data to describe an individual's personality traits and tendencies. The reports are generated by processing large amounts of data, including text, social media posts, and other digital footprints.

The AI algorithm extracts valuable insights and patterns from the data through natural language processing and sentiment analysis, providing a deeper understanding of an applicant's behavior, preferences, and characteristics. The profiles encompass various dimensions of personality, such as the Big Five traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism), as well as additional traits and tendencies.

When combined with human judgment, our AI-generated personality profiles help to create a well-rounded understanding of an applicant’s personality and behavioral tendencies, enabling a more personalized experience for applicants and better-informed hiring decisions by managers.

Thanks to our proven Applicant Tracking Software, you can have more confidence that you are hiring the right person the first time.


In today's competitive hiring landscape, especially for micro and small businesses, efficient communication is essential to attracting the right talent. The HRGP Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is built with this in mind, offering advanced communication tools like integrated texting that includes message scheduling, bulk messaging, and candidate self-scheduling.

Integrated texting enables real-time conversations with candidates, crucial for small business owners where every interaction counts. This feature allows for quick replies, closes communication gaps, and significantly improves the candidate experience through timely updates and prompt answers to their queries.

Texting with templates is a boon for businesses with limited HR resources. You can craft pre-designed messages for different stages of the hiring process, ensuring consistency while saving valuable time. This tool helps you maintain a professional tone in your communications, reflecting your brand's identity and values.

Bulk texting is especially useful when you must get the same message to many candidates. It's perfect for sending job updates or other requests, enabling you to efficiently manage communications without getting overwhelmed.

Candidate self-scheduling simplifies the interview setup process, a critical feature for small businesses where time is precious. Candidates can choose their interview slots based on availability, with scheduled events automatically added to your calendar. This feature reduces the hassle of coordinating schedules and helps you focus more on your business operations.

These features in HRGP ATS can transform your hiring process by enhancing candidate engagement with consistent and professional communication, efficiently reaching a broader talent pool, and solving the common challenge of interview scheduling. For micro and small business owners, leveraging these tools means better recruitment outcomes and significantly boosting overall productivity and candidate experience.

Digital Hiring Forms

Your time and resources are precious as a micro or small business owner. Implementing digital hiring forms through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can revolutionize your recruitment process. Here’s why:

Efficiency in Recruitment: Say goodbye to piles of paper applications and the tedious task of manual data entry. Digital forms allow you to collect candidate information effortlessly, organizing it in a structured and accessible format.

Customization for Your Unique Needs: Tailor these forms to capture the exact data points you need – from personal details to specific skills and qualifications. This ensures you have all the relevant information to make informed hiring decisions.

Time-Saving for Everyone: Candidates can fill out these forms online at their convenience, eliminating the need for printing and mailing or visiting the office just to fill out a form. This means instant access to their information, speeding up the candidate review process.

Reduced Errors, Increased Accuracy: Digital forms minimize the risk of errors that can occur with manual entry, ensuring more accurate and consistent candidate information.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance: Protect sensitive candidate information with robust security measures. Plus, digital forms help you adhere to data privacy regulations, providing peace of mind.

Streamlined Administrative Processes: Automatically receive and store submitted forms in the ATS, freeing you from the hassle of physical document management.

Faster Candidate Evaluation and Selection: A streamlined process means you can quickly review candidates, reducing administrative overhead and helping you focus on finding the perfect fit for your team.

Embracing digital hiring forms in an ATS is more than a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic move to optimize your hiring process, save valuable time, and focus on what truly matters – growing your business with the right people.

Hire and Retain Good People
Candidate Dashboard / Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

In today's dynamic business environment, owners of micro and small businesses require streamlined solutions for managing job applicants. Our mobile-friendly Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to simplify your hiring process. Whether you're operating solo or as part of a compact team, this tool empowers you to efficiently review, organize, and communicate with top candidates, even when you're away from your desk. Experience the ease of finding the perfect fit for your business with our leading ATS software, adaptable for both individual and collaborative hiring efforts.

Life Is Better When You Pay Less for Your ATS

At HRGP, we understand that micro and small businesses require an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that's not only budget-friendly but also incredibly easy to use, especially when making that crucial first hire. That's why our ATS is designed with straightforward, affordable pricing to fit the financial realities of smaller businesses.

Key Features Tailored for Your Business:

Unlimited Access at One Low Price: Get unlimited users, candidates, employees, and job postings without breaking the bank.

Free, Unlimited Support: We offer continuous, cost-free customer and technical support, ensuring you're never alone in your hiring journey.

Valuable Partnerships: Benefit from our network of service partners and add-ons, specifically selected for their affordability and relevance to small businesses.

Why Choose HRGP ATS?

Simplicity and Efficiency: Our system is built for businesses taking their first steps in hiring, ensuring a smooth and manageable process.

Budget-Friendly: We prioritize your financial needs, offering a service that supports your growth without significant investment.

Dedicated Support: Our team understands smaller businesses' unique challenges and is committed to providing personalized assistance.

Ready to transform your hiring process with an ATS that truly understands small business needs? Start your FREE 30-Day Trial today!

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