Why Employers Use Applicant Tracking Systems?

  • HRGP
  • 16 Oct, 2019
Hire and Retain Good People

Time is money, but so too is hiring the wrong person. The best recruiting software for small businesses helps managers hire faster and better. Here’s how:

Faster Job Postings

Posting jobs online without an ATS is tedious and time-consuming. An Applicant Tracking System makes it super simple to post your jobs to one or many job boards.

Faster Resume Screening

Applicant Tracking Software automates resume screening by using algorithms that compare resumes with job requirements so that hiring managers can quickly find and connect with the best candidates.

Faster Hiring Decisions

Applicant Tracking Systems organize all candidates’ information in one cloud-based platform, simplify communication, and by automating much of the hiring process, reduce the overall time to hire.

Hire and Retain Good People
Better Quality of Hires

Responsiveness is crucial for successful hiring because the best candidates are always in high demand. Using an Application Tracking System reduces resume clutter so that hiring managers can quickly identify and connect with the best candidates as soon as possible after they apply.

Hire and Retain Good People
Better Candidate Experience / Employer Branding

For many employers, applicants can also be potential customers, or maybe even current customers. Applicant Tracking Software provides better and more timely communication, and transparency, with job seekers, helping them to have more positive impressions of the employers.

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Better Time Management

Posting jobs one at a time, looking through resumes, sending emails and texts individually is horribly time-consuming. An Applicant Tracking System eliminates these tedious tasks, so hiring managers can focus their time and energy on the best applicants.

Better Recruiting Analytics

When you post jobs using an Applicant Tracking System you can quickly see which job boards and ads are working the best so you can spend your recruiting dollars in the smartest way possible.

Hire and Retain Good People
Better Hiring Practices

The best recruiting software allows you to easily create position-specific hiring processes that include all the necessary forms, assessents, and tasks. No more missed steps when using ATS software since all job seekers follow along the same path.

Better — Onboarding

Paper-based onboarding systems are heavy on labor and short on efficiency. Applicant Tracking Software reduces/eliminates the paper from the onboarding, creating a much more positive experience for new hires while creating an organized accounting of all your onboarding requirements including Form I9 talent.

Hire and Retain Good People

Applicant Tracking Software helps small businesses hire faster and better by consolidating all aspects of recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring and onboarding into one seamless and customizable solution, saving time and money.

Hire and Retain Good People