Employee Management

Employee Profiles

Beyond recruitment management software, HRGP reduces the overall burden on your administrative team by allowing all employees to maintain their own private and professional information. In addition, the professional information is used to create public profiles of your employees, to support marketing and overall customer engagement.

Document Management (UPCOMING)

With HRGP you have so much more than an Applicant Tracking System. You can also keep employee files together and organized in our secure cloud while maintaining easy access to files while in the office, or on the go. Create folders and subfolders for your employees, and add files easily with drag and drop technology.

Task Management (UPCOMING)

Much more than simple HR recruitment software, HRGP includes advanced task management to help you and your employees stay on track and get things done. You can also create and assign groups of common tasks and related reminders to one or more employees, and you can use simple filters and sorts to quickly see what needs to be done next.

Calendar (UPCOMING)

See the tasks, interviews, approved leave requests for your team, and other meetings and events for you and your team on one calendar with month, week, day and agenda views. Use color-coding to distinguish between task types.

E-Signatures (UPCOMING)

“Go Green” by promoting paperless activity and make your business eco-friendly, all while increasing your operational efficiency through simplified workflows using secure electronic signatures. E-signatures are legally binding in the United States and in many countries worldwide. Employees can access their signed forms through their Employee Profiles.

Multichannel Communication

Use integrated email, text, video, and voice to communicate with employees while maintaining a complete history of interactions with them. In the office or on the go HRGP helps you stay in touch with your employees so you can readily answer questions, solve problems, and provide the timely support they need to do their best work.

Digital Forms (UPCOMING)

Going well beyond online recruitment, you can also design professional-looking forms for performance reviews, employee feedback or any other purpose. With our easy-to-use form builder you can quickly create all the forms you need for managing your employees. If you can click, you can build forms with our drag and drop interface. And of course, all of our forms are mobile-ready. Perhaps best of all, HRGP eliminates the need to use costly dedicated form building services.

Leave Management (UPCOMING)

With HRGP employees and managers can use a digital process for managing time-off requests. Because this Employee Self Service feature is built into Employee Profiles, employees can log in and submit their requests and managers can approve or deny them while automatically creating an organized history of events and eliminating the paper from the process.