Who We Are

We are passionate professionals who thrive on helping companies hire and retain the best talent with an affordable Applicant Tracking System that is user-friendly and mobile-ready. With HRGP, companies have one cloud-based solution for online recruitment and the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. Our unrelenting commitment is to provide companies with the best recruiting software and talent management platform at the best possible price.

The Best Recruiting Software to Hire Talent You Need

When it comes to hiring, first impressions are lasting. With HRGP, companies project their professionalism from the first contact to the first day on the job, with integrated communication, internationally-validated assessments and video interviews. Do more. Spend less. Get started with HRGP today!

The People Behind the Software

Hire and Retain Good People
Founder, Partner, CEO

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in Communications, and gaining sales, marketing, and training experience with Drake P3 System in the US, Bartlett started HRGP in 2009 with a vision to deliver an affordable and user-friendly Applicant Tracking System with an emphasis on helping small businesses, primarily family-owned service companies in pest control and lawn care. With a reputation for passionate professionalism, Bartlett is the driving force behind HRGP, building an international team of professionals and partners with a single commitment to helping companies grow faster and smarter.

Hire and Retain Good People
Partner, CTO

After graduating from the Mandsaur Institute of Technology with a B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering, and gaining experience as a freelance developer, Kumrawat formed Aman Solutions in 2004 to provide cost-effective offshore software development for US-based companies, including for HRGP. In 2018 Kumrawat became an equal equity partner in HRGP and was named Chief Technical Officer, building out the HRGP development team and leading the conversion of HRGP to a Progressive Web Application. Kumrawat’s passionate drive for technological excellence is unrelenting. In his words, “My commitment is to ensuring HRGP always remains on the leading edge of technological innovations.”

HRGP Core Values

  • Honesty

    Always tell
    the truth

  • Trustworthy

    Do what you say
    you will do

  • Relentless


  • Openness

    Search for new and
    better ways

  • Respect

    Consider the impact
    on others